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Is there any way to not have the TS3 folder in Documents? My C disk is ridiculously full and it’s mainly because of TS3 (surprise, surprise!), and I just wanna move it out of there and to a disk that’s got the space for it.

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She’s become my testing-doll.

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It’s really strange that there’s no ‘hide plumbob’ mod for TS4 yet. Usually modders are super quick with this sort of stuff.



Just gonna leave this here. I’ll admit that I use to be afraid of pitbulls and would avoid them at all costs but I recently was introduced to one that changed my views. The worst this pitbull has done is given me way to many kisses. Just like any other dog, if you give them a loving home and treat them right they will be loyal and loving dogs. Beat and abuse them and of course they will turn vicious, any dog would really. #blamethedeednotthebreed

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